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Slumberkins Sloth Kin Set

Slumberkins Sloth Kin Set

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As children grow, new experiences and challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming. Whether it’s addressing jitters on the first day of school, helping little ones wind down before bed, or even showing the importance of self-care, Sloth’s lessons help children understand the importance of practicing routines to add structure and fun into their daily lives.

When children are empowered to embrace routines, they can build a strong foundation for emerging independence. With Sloth’s support, they learn to identify and practice healthy routines that fit their needs.

Practicing routines can help children feel safe and secure:

- Routines

- Transitions

- Anxiety management

Includes soft and silky Sloth kin, affirmation card and two board books.

Ages 2+

Size for Shipping: 5.5" x 13.25" x 2.75"

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