About Us

Welcome to the Treehouse Toy Co.!


Nestled in the East Kootenays, Kimberley is a charming town that has so much to offer - an outdoor enthusiasts dream.  Downtown you will find a walk-only platzl, filled with unique stores and restaurants.  It's here that you will find Treehouse Toy Co. - an enchanting toy store.

Our goal is to provide high quality toys, games and puzzles for kids of every age - adults included.  We want to inspire play - whether making a fort and filling it with your favourite creatures, playing a board game for the first time, or trying to find one more piece in your jigsaw puzzle before calling it a night.

Where did the name "Treehouse Toy Co." come from?  In 2016 our family was travelling in Laos, and we had the opportunity to sleep in the tallest treehouses in the world!   The only way in and out of them was by zipline.  Our few days spent 150' above the forest floor, waking up to the sound of gibbons, and being with my family in these magical treehouses was one of the most incredible experiences of our lives.  As an adult, I felt like a kid again, and from this experience I wanted to bring the concept of fun and play into a world of technology and schedules.  Treehouses are a sanctuary - where imagination thrives and we find comfort in our connection to nature.

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