Welcome to the Treehouse!

A locally owned, independent toy store located in the heart of Kimberley's platzl in BC's Purcell Mountains.

We LOVE shopping for the best toys. We do our homework so you don't have to. We believe in offering toys that are unique and stand the test of time. Explore a world of creativity and endless possibilities.

some of our customer's favourites

Best Selling Collections

Douglas Stuffed Animals

The most adorable plush with the cutest faces that are ready to cuddle.

A Family Run Business - The Fergusons

I started Treehouse Toy Co. in an effort to provide entertaining options that didn't involve screens - options that took us back to the basics of quality toys and games.

Someone recently told me that their children thought our store was the most enchanting store they had ever experienced - I smiled from ear to ear knowing that is exactly what I set out to accomplish.

- Zoe Ferguson

  • "Your toy store is what little childrens dreams are made of! Our kids were enchanted!"

    Sarah D.

  • "I am absolutely amazed by the over and above customer service I received as an online customer."

    Kayleigh S.

  • "Treehouse is an AMAZING asset for our small town. The selection is incredible, especially if you value high quality, open ended toys that will grow with your kids."

    Corissa P.