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Slumberkins Hammerhead Kin Set

Slumberkins Hammerhead Kin Set

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All children experience big emotions that can get the best of them in social situations. Hammerhead teaches them how to take a breath when they’re mad, calm down, and use their words to express how they feel.

The determination of young children can often lead to conflict, especially as they begin to explore the world around them and play with others. Children will carry the social skills and emotional regulation they’ve learned through Hammerhead's affirmation with them as they work to make healthy decisions. Sharing Hammerhead’s story with your child offers a loving reminder that they will always be loved, even when they make mistakes, promoting a positive approach to resolving conflict.

Hammerhead helps your child through some big feelings:

- Sibling Rivalry

- Anger management

- Making friends

Includes soft and silky Hammerhead kin, affirmation card and two board books.

Ages 2+

Size for Shipping: 5.5" x 13.25" x 2.75"

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