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Sarah's Silks

Sarah's Silks Playsilk

Sarah's Silks Playsilk

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These Playsilks are perfect sidekick to any child's imagination. The silks are 35" x 35" and the options are limitless. From a cape: to a canopy; to plates for a picnic, these silks truly are the ultimate open ended play toy. 

Sarah’s Silks are coloured with eco friendly and non-toxic dyes. The silks are made of 5mm Habotai silk and are irresistibly soft. Sarah’s Silks supports sustainable silk production and global social responsibility.

Washing the silks is just as fun as playing with them. To care for your silks, gently wash in warm water with laundry soap and get them nice and sudsy. Rinse until the water runs clear and hang to dry. Wet silk looks and feels super cool and kids love the process of washing them. 

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