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Rolife DIY Book Nook & Wonderland Bookstore

Rolife DIY Book Nook & Wonderland Bookstore

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Explore the charm of Rolife Bookstore Book Nook Kit, an miniature shelf-insert inspired by the famous 'Shakespeare & Company" Bookstore in France. Assemble your very own mini book store and enjoy the tranquility of reading in this charming corner! The roof features a lattice window made of translucent PET, which reflects a ghostly dream when the model is lit up.  There is a touch light button at the front for easy operation. Have fun assembling all the parts together, and you'll get a unique book nook shelf insert and home decor! Hurry up, the train is about to leave!

Ages 14+

Size for shipping: 12.25" x 9" x 3.5"

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