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Marvin's Magic

Marvin's Magic - 50 Greatest Card Tricks Gift Tin

Marvin's Magic - 50 Greatest Card Tricks Gift Tin

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This gift tin contains the secrets to 50 amazing card tricks that can inspire a limitless variety of routines. This is powerful grown-up magic that can be mastered by children as young as 8!

Guaranteed to amaze and baffle any audience, the metal presentation tin features a deck of Marvin’s Magic cards and 5 packets of special magic card props that allow you to pull of classic tricks like United Nations, Psychic Vision, All The Hearts, Reds & Blacks and Mysterious Hearts. Be the envy of all your friends an wow any audience with these amazing magic playing cards.

Ages 8+

Size for shipping: 21.25" x 13" x 2.25"

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