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Douglas Stella Stingray - 14"

Douglas Stella Stingray - 14"

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It’s easy to be entranced by the allure of the ocean while imagining Stella (4456) the Stingray stuffed animal moving through the water with grace and beauty! Attractive spots dapple the top of her ultra soft plush body, while a creamy orange color brings some brightness to her design. As she swims, her tail trails out behind her. Stella’s eyes glitter with a golden glow, while embroidered gills and a smiling mouth detail her underside and bring out the playful side of this captivating Ray companion. Follow Stella through her undersea world and this plush Stingray will help promote a fascination with the wild and wonderful species that dwell in our oceans!

Machine washable.

Ages 2+

Size for shipping: 10" x 9" x 2"

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