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Douglas Lettie DLux Yellow Lab - 22"

Douglas Lettie DLux Yellow Lab - 22"

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Gentle, sweet, and possessing a heart of gold, Lettie (2411) the DLux Yellow Lab stuffed animal is an ideal companion for people of all ages. Known for her patient personality, Lettie is an excellent listener and, thanks to her coat of soft, cream colored plush fur, she’s an ultra cuddly snuggle buddy too! A slightly understuffed body and gently weighted paws add to Lettie’s huggability factor and make her easy to pose. Her soft, leatherette nose, airbrushed ears, and detailed jowls will win the favor of discerning dog lovers. Let yourself fall for the warm, caring expression of our lifelike plush Labrador Retriever, Lettie’s a friend you can count on to be there whenever you need a soft, furry shoulder to lean on!

Machine washable.

Ages 2+

Size for shipping: 22" x 7" x 11"

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