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Douglas Bowie Bernese Mountain Dog - 11"

Douglas Bowie Bernese Mountain Dog - 11"

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Ready for an afternoon of rowdy romping, Bowie (4671) the Soft Bernese Mountain Dog stuffed animal is an engaging companion! We’ve depicted the attractive tricolored coat of the breed in indulgently soft materials that beg to be cuddled. A floppy design adds to Bowie’s play value. Stuffed with silky polyester fill and weighted with beans, our posable pup will sit up or lie down for you but would rather be at your side in search of new adventures. His amber colored eyes catch the light in a lifelike way and lend to his lively personality. Equal parts handsome and huggable, Bowie will put a smile on the face of Berner fans of all ages!

Machine washable.

Ages 2+

Size for shipping: 9" x 8" x 9"

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