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D&D - Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen

D&D - Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen

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The Dragon Queen Takhisis—known as Tiamat on other worlds—was banished from Krynn over a thousand years ago. Summoning forth the infamous death knight Lord Soth and vast Dragon Armies to fight for her dominion, she has finally set her plot to return into motion. In the War of the Lance, no choice is easy and the actions of heroes can have world-altering consequences.

This book introduces a way to create encounters that simulate the dangers of fighting on a battlefield. A deadly region of difficult terrain called “the Fray” surrounds these battlemaps, representing the chaotic clash of combatants, slinging of deadly spells, and other perils that vary from battle to battle.

Ages 12+

Size for shipping: 11.25" x 8.5" x 0.5"

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