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Lego Ninjago Lloyd's Dragon Power Spinjitzu Spin

Lego Ninjago Lloyd's Dragon Power Spinjitzu Spin

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Lloyd’s Dragon Power Spinjitzu Spin action toy lets ninja fans train their hero and help him improve his Spinjitzu skills fueled by dragon power. The spinning toy playset gives kids endless play options as they spend fun-filled hours getting Dragon Power Lloyd to navigate an obstacle course in the Big Forest on their own or with friends.

Kids can place Dragon Power Lloyd in the spinner adorned with 3 exclusive green dragon power elements, spin it and watch as he quickly rotates. His task is to avoid the spike obstacle elements, defeat the Imperium Droid and grasp the collectible golden dragon energy core element from a bowl.

Ages 6+

Size for shipping: 7.75" x 8.25" x 1.75"


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