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Hire me! The Wacky Interview Game

Hire me! The Wacky Interview Game

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Are you prepared to face the interview for the role of Wimpy Chicken Sniffer? How about Eccentric Hole Sharpener? In Hire Me!, you'll have to convince the other players of your suitability for a variety of quirky jobs. However, there's a catch - the other players don't know the exact job title!

To start the interview process, one player assumes the role of interviewee and must secretly generate a job title using a random selection of attributes. The other players must then use question cards in an attempt to figure out the interviewee's role!

Interviewers will score points if they manage to guess the job's attributes correctly. The interviewee will not score points if one of the job's attributes is unanimously guessed, and so it is important for the interviewee to hint enough that players will be able to figure out your full role, but not be so obvious that they will all get it completely correct.


For Shipping: 5.91 x 4.49 x 1.18 inches



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