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Douglas French Bulldog with PJ's

Douglas French Bulldog with PJ's

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An endearing member of our pajama puppy squad, Dede the plush French Bulldog PJ Pup will charm you with her soulful eyes and adorably oversized ears! This sweet personality is a big fan of fantasy and shows the world her love of all that is magical with her exciting unicorn pajamas. Finished with pink cuffs and patterned with frolicking unicorns and shooting stars, Dede’s PJs are utterly enchanting! Boasting super snuggly plush fur and paws that are gently weighted with beans, Dede’s design aims for a highly cuddly feel that will have dog lovers falling for her soft nature and adorable looks. For a lively dash of whimsy, invite Dede to your next slumber party and be sure to look for our other PJ Pup pals!

Ages 2+

Size for shipping: 7" x 6" x 7"

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