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Douglas Edie Yellow Lab with PJ

Douglas Edie Yellow Lab with PJ

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Edie is a sweet little plush PJ Pup who’s excited to show off her colorful pajamas at the puppy sleepover tonight! Decorated with sunshine, flowers, and rainbows, the playful print of her outfit shows off this happy-go-lucky dog’s sunny personality! Trimmed with pink cuffs and featuring a sky blue background, the colors complement the creamy yellow of our Labrador pup’s luxuriously soft plush fur. Edie’s floppy body design has been gently weighted with beans to create a cuddly handful of fun. Sure to please fans of the breed, Edie’s puppy-faced expression will warm your heart! And be sure to check out our other PJ Pup designs! When our lovable trio gets together, it’s a puppy pajama party to write home about!

Machine washable.

Ages 2+

Size for shipping: 6" x 5" x 5"

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