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Fire The Imagination

Gluckskafer Construction Kit Shapes

Gluckskafer Construction Kit Shapes

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Create colourful patterns and constructions with this 16-piece wooden block set, complete with a handy wooden tray for storage and play. These squares, rectangles and triangles can be put together in unlimited ways to create a unique pattern every time. Children will also enjoy using these wooden blocks to build with, creating towers and dwellings for peg people and wooden animals. 

Playing with wooden blocks promotes creativity, develops fine motor skills and encourages children to work on their problem-solving abilities. 

Ethically made, simple and hand-crafted, this wooden block set has been made from solid FSC wood and treated with oil-based plant pigments and oils which allow the natural features and grain of the wood to show through.

Made in Europe.

Ages 1+

Shipping 5.71" x 5.71" x 1.97"

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